Make the theme sync across all UI elements


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  • zSnails

    hell yeah

  • KoroFX

    No cuz:

  • bhu

    Completely agree. 

    Not too hard to do on this subdomain automatically through user preference as there are logins. For other subdomains its easier said than done as there aren't always logins across all services meaning it would be harder to automatically detect user preference and apply those themes.  

    A manual toggle solution can suffice through cookies, but is not ideal of course as this issue spans across multiple devices and services.

    Hopefully we'll see some sort of theme consistency across all of discord's services or a feature to detect user preferences across all discord related domains automatically.

    In the meantime put on your sunnies and enjoy the LIGHT :D

  • undermaster.
    I dont use light theme but its a good idea tho

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