'Clone accounts' for a single email address


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  • Blastoise186
    I really don't like this idea because I can see increased potential for abuse by creating a huge number of accounts with the same email address. Also, a lot of services have a similar "one account per email address" restriction by design, which would likely be somewhat difficult to change. My other concern is that if you tried to login with your email address, how would Discord know which account you're trying to use?
  • Poppleop

    Valid criticisms. My counter points:

    • Potential feature abuse: The ability to abuse such a feature was why I suggested potentially giving the Discord team the power to activate it.
    • Identity Crises: I can't tell you how best exactly to help define the two (maybe a special option under the online/visibility status menu?), but really the second only exists to circumvent a lack of hardware - I don't and wouldn't expect it to be able to write, post, or exist in any sense beyond the capacity of the 'father' account.
  • thunder33345

    Pretty sure you can just do it by doing:


    And i don't even think to use it if you intent to abuse,
    more than likely you will just allow discord to close all your accounts in one blow
    if they detected that one of your accounts is acting maliciously
    since all account is just using one same email

    This "trick" pretty much should work anywhere and everywhere unless a site specifically intentionally disables it

  • Poppleop

    Not sure I'm following 100%, do you mean use a similar (but fake) email to make an unregistered account? While that has worked [thanks for the trick,haha] I'd rather not have to register a new (and semi-duplicitous) account. An official avenue for dealing with constants like this would be preferable.

    Manually going through a multitude of servers and re-inviting myself and getting my role's changed (where applicable) is no fun, and having a secondary profile that really only exists as an extension of the primary to connect with multiple devices would make it far easier.

  • HypeRayy


    You can literally use the same email address if you use gmail,


    for example

    thisisaradusername@gmail.com can also have thisisradisername@googlemail.com


  • chloroform chloe

    This literally has no benefit on anything why would you need a second account? You can login to discord with your phone you know, and talk. If you really need a second account just make another email fr. This seems to me to target a very small amount of people who have a good reason for another account. It's very easy to make another email, just do that.

  • cylinderearth

    there's probably some servers that people want to join but don't want people to know they're there

    I think there should be an option to quickswap different accounts in the discord app

  • Snarf

    I have a single email account and want my two children to be able to get on discord so we can game together. This shouldn't be a big deal yet Discord is making it very difficult. Any suggestions?

  • After signing in with an email, you could have an account selection screen. To avoid spam, probably having a limit of 3-5 accounts per email would be an option.


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