show members who get pruned before taking that action


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  • Zacatero
    this would be extremely helpful
  • mellodoot

    Huh, surprised that isn't already a thing! I haven't used the prune feature myself but you'd think that most server mods/admins would like to know exactly who they're about to kick prior to taking the action.

  • WreckerInChief

    Is this added now, or do we still need to wait?

  • It's not. I still face it every time. This one seems like a no-brainer.

  • BullFrogBen

    A Prune Preview would also be helpful.  So you don't prune a user by accident that just maybe didn't have roles assigned properly etc.  


    I can't believe with all the feature enhancements, this one has been sitting around for 2 years.

  • Kbbles

    Not having this is kind of worrisome, here's to hoping it gets added!!

  • Darwen

    I see that discord has pruned a few other threads but still not addressed this?

  • Vas

    I find it rather stupid that you can't see who is being pruned. I also find it a little silly the role pruning can't be done with an opposite effect. "Prune all with roles except for this role". That being if they haven't been around for 30 days, of course.

    But yea, I absolutely need a way to see who hasn't been around for over 30 days before I prune them. For example I know some people are on vacation or whatever, but I can't tell which one they are when pruning, because there are 6 others in the prune list and its all just a number.

  • LFCluescroll

    I'm surprised at how few people are requesting this feature. I'm also just taking a screenshot before and after and just chancing it. Would love to see the names of members prior to pruning.

  • MoonCookie

    I'd just lIke to know, who isn't active and decide later, if I want to kick that person

  • Inzog



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