Ability to link games to channels in a server


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  • mellodoot

    Temporary workaround if you really need something akin to this:


    It may require a custom bot, but a bot that could detect when a user has changed their playing status to fit that of the official game in question and automatically apply the relevant roles would work.

    No idea if the Discord team have any intentions of adding this in the future, as it seems like a feature that would only be useful to some server owners. But for now, there's a workaround that should do the trick :)

  • TheSugarDaddy

    My current work around to this is that I have locked channels that people can only access with a certain role, ie. Rainbow Six Siege Channels, have a Rainbow Six Players role that allows access. This works for my small server of some friends, and friends of friends, but in larger servers that I am an admin in, this method doesn't work as well because there are typically to many requests for new roles. A bot would be a more practical, however difficult it would be to code and host, but if I need a solution, I am willing to put in the effort.

  • mellodoot

    That's the thing - not great, but it *would* work if you really need it

  • .dragagon

    It's very easy to do with a bot, Jeeves does it for me. Check the RoleAssign setup

  • 💀EØZ💀

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