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    Dabbit Prime

    If you have a general question about Discord please contact our support team via https://dis.gd/contact or tweet us @discordapp. This website is specifically for new feature suggestions to add to Discord. As such, I'm closing out this ticket as invalid.

  • Stalbourne

    I'm having the same problems as well, but that maybe because of connection issues according to their latest twitter post. LINK

    " Update - We have resolved the issue and are letting people back in slowly.
    Jan 12, 11:15 PST "


  • NeverLand

    Me too :(

  • Winter Stabdagger

    I'm getting it too


    It can't be our connection if four of us are having the problem within the same hour


    can it?


    same for me .... anybody contact discord?


  • BluCobalt

    same, is there a way to check if there are certain parts of discord down?


    Edit: you can use this https://status.discordapp.com 

  • Vak

    working now


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