Can we get an .appimage for Linux users?


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  • k4m3nk0 |

    The Discord Stable AppImage is built with deb2appimage using dependencies from Debian Jessie's repositories.

    Author of Discord app image:

    Note: its original discord converted to appimage to bring more linux users to discord that can't install debian or other packages.!


    Discord AppImage Builds

    AppImage builds for Discord Stable, PTB, and Canary

    Discord Stable AppImage

    Discord PTB AppImage

    Discord Canary AppImage

    These Discord AppImages are built using deb2appimage with dependencies from Debian Jessie’s repos. All necessary dependencies for Discord are bundled in the AppImage, so the Discord AppImages should just work on any system. These AppImages have been verified to run on Linux distributions as old as CentOS 6 and even as new as a rolling distribution, openSUSE Tumbleweed.

    The Discord AppImages will check for a new release each time it is ran. If a new version has been released, a prompt will be shown asking if the user would like to download it. If the new version is not yet available for download here, deb2appimage will be used to build the new Discord AppImage.

    To use an AppImage, all you have to do is make it executable and run it! No install is required, but the AppImages for Discord will prompt if you’d like to add them to your menu for easy access.

    Prompt that is shown for adding a menu entry:

    How to make an AppImage executable in your terminal:

    chmod +x /replace/me/with/path/to/discord-stable-0.0.4-x86_64.AppImage
  • Greyoda

    Although an AppImage would be great for portability, getting Discord running from the tarball isn't too hard. Just extract it `tar -xf discord.x.y.z.tar.gz`, then go into the extracted directory `cd discord`, make the launcher executable `chmod +x Discord` and run it `./Discord`.

    If you use flatpak, it's available there as well.

  • oswald

    I want an AppImage too. It would be easier to get up and running for most new users, which Linux has a lot of now. I don't actually know if the Flatpak is official or not, but I'd settle for that.

  • eduncan911

    Thanks for the info @k4m3nk0.  However, some of us prefer to only run official software/appimages, not a community image.

    I'd like to add to this thread that I myself have around 14 appimages I use often.


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