Ability to hide specific verified games


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  • Rapitor

    there's no reason we cant have a simple flag for if we want to display it or not.

  • sidebro

    I second this, would love a feature like that.

  • Recursion

    I understand why Scrivener is a verified 'game' (tool) on Discord, but holy hell -- I leave it open all the time because when I'm not playing d&d, I'm planning for d&d, and I use Scrivener as my main note-taking software. Nobody else needs to know I'm on Scrivener, and 50% of the time, I'm not actually on it, it's just open in the background. Turning off all running game status messages is a wholly ungraceful way to go about having a 'sleek' user icon when I have a single program open in the back because I like other people knowing what game I'm playing.


    I can't imagine this is a difficult feature to implement.

  • Blareot

    Similar to what Recursion said, I leave aseprite open all the time and I don't even get why it's verified; it's not a game at all, even if it's game-related. I thought this was an option and I thought this was already requested 2 years ago, and even then it was overdue. What happened? It should be just a simple toggle like how you can toggle the overlay.

  • Recursion

    I did some research on this issue -- along with verified games, Discord thought it'd be cute to give users 'Verified tools' under the same system/name. It's genuinely annoying. I see the appeal to some, especially in content-creator servers, but there is no worldly reason that it shouldn't have a toggle on/off. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be very high on Discord's priorities, even though again, it probably wouldn't take a single dev more than half a day to implement.

  • Magnaheim

    This is super important to me aswell. I have been searching for a day or so now how to disable apps/Games from showing, because I sometimes leave one run in the background for days... but then Discord won't show whatever REAL games I'm playing, because it only shows the app I leave running in the back...

    And I continually have people asking me like "What's this thing you're playing?"..."Why aren't you playing your normal games"... Meanwhile I AM also playing normal games, but Discord keeps reverting back to showing only one.


    Edit for search results: the app was Bluestacks, a mobile device emulator.

  • New'T'ech

    Join now! I am very annoyed that this feature shows all games in status. It’s useful, but I don’t want all people to know that I’m using a specific XXX program / game. This violates my personal area.

  • バレリアン

    Why isn't this a thing yet ?

  • KRU

    This really should be a thing

  • Duck My Sick

    I seriously do not understand why this wasn't implemented right at the very start, it is simply logical some people wouldn't want certain games/apps to show up in their Game Activity. That aside though, people have been asking for this for two years and it is still nowhere in sight, I honestly cannot comprehend how or why. Just let us rename Verified applications, or block them from showing up, how goddamn hard can it bloody be.

  • pon.pon

    This has to be implemented.

  • Pippu

    I agree this would be a useful feature, I leave Aseprite open a lot of the time even though I'm only using it around half of the time its open. It gives my friends the impression I am busy spriting when I'm not/spending more time spriting than I actually am. In order to combat this I need to either turn off game activity as a whole, or close Aseprite and re-open it whenever I want to work again. Having a toggle for certain games/tools could only be beneficial, and shouldn't take long at all to implement.

  • strotlog

    This privacy control is very needed. Plus, some games are over-detected.

  • Faded Warrior

    I think its funny that I can stream Scrivener on Discord... not sure why anyone would want to see me do a bunch of writing haha. But yeah, I agree with everyone else here; this feature should be implemented.

  • Cat

    This 100%.

    Also, why can we not search, filter, or sort the list of detected games? People play hundreds of games in the course of months. You'd think they would want to accommodate the people who are hardcore gamers when they run a chat software aimed at gamers. Maybe if/when they add the feature here, to filter game activity, they will also add some way to sift through the long list.

  • DanTheMan


    This would be especially useful for non-game apps like VoiceAttack which are designed to be left open.

  • Brokemia

    This needs to be done. I'm using a file viewer called Nomad because my default Windows file explorer is broken. Now it says I'm playing Nomad all the time, which is a very different game. It even has the icon for that game.

  • dj_doughy

    Like @DanTheMan said, i have synergy running to connect my 3 computers with one mouse/keyboard, yet it says im playing Synergy from Valve all the time. Would like it to block certain exe or something

  • bl00d666

    @dj_doughy Same thing here, i'm "playing" synergy 24h a day. kind of weird. at least it change when i really play a game.

  • arian

    i use wallpaper engine, and it sometimes starts running in the background without me actually being on it actively. consequently, it shows up on discord as me playing it, and i'd really like the option to block it

  • Kzitold

    SteamVR is what I want to hide from Discord. It's doing the opposite of Rich Presence and hiding my VR games.

  • LeakingAmps

    Would love to have this to hide games/programs I have up in background 90% of the time while they're not in use.

  • Moinax

    +1 for me. This is boring to get questions about that "Synergy" game I'm playing all day long :D

  • Corpse Striker

    Same, i really hope the devs listen to us about this, shouldn't be hard to implement a new feature that gives us more freedom about that.

  • shane

    yes please men

  • Keng

    I know of many people who have deactivated this feature at all because of this. This needs to be added!

  • maskedintrovert

    I would like this as well.

    I use a virtual camera (Facerig) as my webcam feed. In order for it to work properly I need to launch it first before I launch my streaming software and game, but then Discord shows me as playing the virtual camera (Facerig) instead of the actual game I'm playing.

    The ability to hide certain "games" that are actually just programs or tools would be much appreciated.

  • jimmie

    Please add this feature. We all need it and there's no reason for Discord not to have it.

  • MiKau

    Would love this feature implemented

  • Bambeakz

    Yeah bring that option please. Having family over playing child games i bought for them only to get questions about it by my "oh so though"gamer friends when i play with them.


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