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  • Isabel
    What kind of things would a story have on it?
  • Exaint
    Just No.
  • conc1erge


  • Whoreo

    I think it would be pretty cool but I understand some of you guys not agreeing to this. Think about it you can post something like "Who wanna play ___ 3pm est" or "Anyone wanna vc?" etc in my opinion that would be pretty nice to have and its not much of a big change its just a post that stays up for the max of 24 hours. But I see the bad part of it too. Same what Suspense said like how it would copy other social platforms wouldn't look so great to make it another social media type platform filled with "Influencers". Kind of a hard decision.

  • Homie Box
    By what means should Discord follow those social media apps?
  • Doggo

    Stories wdym? I mean it would be cool if discord made some short stories about wumpus and nelly and all the other bots but idk what kind of stories you would mean by that

  • DaSpood

    Not every single messaging app needs to turn into instagram. That's bad for them actually. They are messaging apps for people to chat, not another social network for narcissists who need to pop up in everyone's feed. The last thing we need in discord is Stories, which is a feature that should not have made it outside of social network dedicated to photos or short videos in the first place, because it just does not fit in.

  • Emily
    Where would this be located?
  • Costpap
    Discord isn't Instagram or YouTube, bruh.. Also, the broadcasting to friends thing would be unneeded, I'd prefer using group chats over that, even if that meant being limited to 10 friends.
  • thetechguy
    discord is not instagram or facebook. just set your status to something to let your friends no what your doing
  • Typhoon
    can make use of the new discord status feature to do this,having a field for this would be stupid because discord isn't meant to be a social media *like* Facebook,Instagram etc
  • Jeffrey
    I don’t think this would fit very well in discord
  • almostsuspense
    why discord would copy other social networks?

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