"Override lower roles" setting for permissions


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  • TheRaccoon

    yes this would make it so much easier to mute people in servers as atm you have to remove all there roles to mute them (if your mute role makes it so they cant type) 

    this would be a amazing feature to have and by having it as a button that you can turn on and off will make it great so if people want different roles for colors or so on it doesn't effect it too

  • Zacatero
    That can already happen. If you (and im trying this out here) use <:graytick:452773421294813185> instead of <:greentick:312314752711786497> then the <:redtick:375575883097833483> of the mute will work all the time.
  • Zacatero
    okay the emotes didnt work but the colors are in the titles. If you always use the neutral one, then the time you use the red one for muted it will always work
  • ayymaotv

    If you're trying to hide channels from a new user without a specific role until they accept the terms of a discord with a react or whatever, you have to disable what the everyone role can see and in turn give the 'members' role (which may be given when they agree) the ability to see/type messages in a channel. In Role/Member permissions for channels, even if the muted role is above the others and has no ability to speak in said channels, the users still can speak because roles don't have dominance over eachother.

  • Nystemy

    The thing is, higher roles used to always override the permissions of lower roles.

    But discord recently seems to have removed that hierarchy feature to this new system that only listens to "yes", and doesn't listen to higher roles saying "no", something that really doesn't work for a lot of servers that relied heavily on the hierarchy role permissions used to have. (And someone might say that bots will fix this issue, but I don't want yet another bot on my server, when discord used to do it just fine....)

  • Ninja Potato

    This even seems to allow privilege escalation of sorts. I have a server where I want regular members to be able to give "guest rights" of sorts. The only way to do this with Discord's role system without a bot seems to be to use the "Manage Roles" function. Now where this screws up is that members have other roles, too, which should not be messed with. So if, say, I have 20 roles, #18 is the one with "Manage Roles", and a user has #5 and #18, they can give anyone roles #6-#18 as well, and not only #19 as the description of "Manage Roles" indicates. It specifially says "lower than THIS ONE" in the description, and it does not obey that...

  • Ibex

    Yes, this is really annoying.

    I have two factions on my channel, let's call them "Bloods" and "Crips" — and they don't like seeing each other. So I've got them split up, with duplicate channel sections, two separate roles.

    Then I have a bunch of language roles, like 15 roles. So if you speak italian, I've got an italian channel in "Bloods" and an italian channel in "Crips".

    Here's the problem. If I give the "italian" role to a Crip, he CAN ALSO SEE the Italian channel in the Bloods's section. I don't want him to see that channel, and I don't want him to see the Blood's section at all.

    It'd be great to be able to have some kind of override. Some kind of conditions for channel permissions. Apparently you used to.

    Until then, my solution is that I just have double the amount of roles.  I have 15 language roles for Crips, and 15 language roles for Bloods. 

  • digimbyte

    I am upvoting this because while it is important to override other roles, but only if they are lower in the order.
    I am unhappy with the way the current role hierachy is calculated. 
    what if a user has a permission denial but I want to give him a global role that overrides those personal settings?
    I want users to be able to hide a channel for themselves, and to unhide it if they have an observer role.

    this would work like a global role that supercedes everything

  • Gandalf

    I just found out there is also randomness happening; Moderators able to give themselves Admin (Privilege escalation witch is a big Nooo in security world) Other Mods not able to give a new user the appropriate roles, probably related to Android vs IOS.

    It all is related to the option "manage roles" that's broken. I cant seen to find any excuse why this has been released as roles and security perimeters in terms of channels and server management is compromised.

  • almostsuspense
    good idea
  • PnutButtrCrepes

    Yes, please make this a reality. At least give the admin the option of whether he wants to follow a more traditional hierarchy are the more combinational hierarchy.

  • Charger

    this is crap the way it currently works.  I want to keep an under 18 person out of a NSFW room but because I also have them assigned to another role that has permissions to the room there seems not way to block them.

  • Rizk

    How isn't this a feature yet? It's such an important feature that should be there already!

  • ! [( TheGamerX )]

    When will this be added?

  • Jaymacibe

    I have been wrapping my head around why a user with the mute rule that denies the Send Messages channel permissions is still able to send a message in a channel that has a lower special role that can send messages.

  • visd

    Our server has a non paid member section and a paid member section, now we can't mute anyone in the paid member section cause despite the mute role denying permission to speak and being higher, the lower role which is the paid member role allows speaking :(

  • Einstein

    This is so simple to fix, all this need is discord to prioritise denies instead of allows.

    Channel permissions start with server permissions as a base. Then, the hierarchy is as follows:

    • Apply denies of @everyone on channel
    • Apply allows of @everyone on channel
    • Sum up all the denies of a member's roles and apply them at once
    • Sum up all the allows of a member's roles and apply them at once
    • Apply denies for a specific member if they exist
    • Apply allows for a specific member if they exist



    • Apply allows of @everyone on channel
    • Apply denies of @everyone on channel
    • Sum up all the allows of a member's roles and apply them at once
    • Sum up all the denies of a member's roles and apply them at once
    • Apply allows for a specific member if they exist
    • Apply denies for a specific member if they exist

    if you apply them in this order we can have conflicting groups that will do what every sane person expects.

    It's like a security firewall rule, your last rule is always a "deny all", try and manage a firewall with "allow all" as the last rule and let us know how it goes.

  • Suhayo

    yes plz

  • LU | sonofpaint

    This is still an issue. Muted roles are useless in any channel that has an explicit send message. I have a channel where @everyone can not send message but can read. My general purpose role allows user to send messages in that channel. If I give a general purpose user the muted role, they can't talk in other channels, but they can still talk in that specific channel even though I don't want them to. The only way to fix this is to remove the general purpose role every time I mute them, which is tedious.

  • Anon?



  • Anon?

    Things might be easier than the past- but it doesn't mean it is anywhere NEAR close to perfect.


  • obliviondoll

    Still hasn't happened. Still a VERY useful tool that would be well worth having. I run a server where the ability to create a "timeout" role that doesn't let users post would be beneficial, but there's no way to make it actually block the user from posting since there's other roles which give the "able to post" property and no way to make a higher-level role that revokes it.

    An "overrides lower roles" toggle you can set on a role would be a perfect way to fix this without breaking other things.

  • Lulec

    This please

  • Rosetta

    Okay i am experimenting with this also and here is what my problem is:
    Members enter, and are instantly given the "New" role. This New role should prevent them from chatting in channels. When they've finished reading the rules, they can react to get the "Curious" role, which allows them to see and talk in all the channels. HOWEVER; If they dont react to undo their New role, they should STILL be unable to chat in channels. (=good thing). I can set this up, but then somehow, if i put the New role to "no" and the Curious role to "neutral" then when they remove the New role, the Curious "neutral" role doesnt allow them to chat in channels, because apparently neutral permissions isnt enough. And if i set New to no on chatting and Curious to yes, the yes will prevail, even if i place New higher in the hierarchy. 

    Im willed to use a bot to solve this. If anyone can help me out, id greatly appreciate it, i suck at bots, so tips on how i should configure the bot and which bot to use are very welcome. Im currently using Mee6, Dyno, Disboard, Rock Puppy and Purity. I dont know most of what i can do with all of them, code and such is not my forte :) But i try.

    You can add me as a friend on RosettaTest#2235 if you have advice for me! 

  • mia

    I agree with the post but I think this should just count in general, not a button to override lower roles, permission override pretty much already means that.
    A basic hierarchy that solves the problem described below should be perfect.

    apparently when you have two roles in channel permission override, the higher role does not override the lower role's overrides.

    if I have a temp-ban role, above a members role
    temp-ban has deny override on see-channels
    members has allow override on see-channels

    people with both members and temp-ban can still see the channel, even though temp-ban says they shouldn't. I don't think this is an intended feature, and if it is it should be changed.


  • Deleted User 27bc86aa

    Server Management, not chat, I guess.

  • Jasson

    I don't understand how this is still the case
    It is a important problem in the roles

  • Amaroq

    Yeah, this kind of a major issue. If I have a private channel where a user needs X role to post in it, but then I give that user a server-wide mute role so they can't talk, it kinds of defeats the purpose if they can still talk in those channels that require X role. (And no, I won't just use the built-in mute function, which lacks exactly as much functionality as you would expect in a program that doesn't have simple role hierarchy.)

  • LisDraconis22

    We have a server were every new member gets a role were they can just see a few channels before they get access to the whole server. This role is set very low in the role list. Every now and then we need to mute someone. (no writing permissions) But in our welcoming channel they can still write because the new member role allows them to, even though it is set lower as the mute role.

    This is especially bad when a bot is sending links in the welcoming channel or someone with bad intentions finds out and posts stuff which is against the rules of your server. And then new members see that and have a nice first impression...

    Great.. just great...

  • rosedragon

    please fix this. We can't make a mute permission and low level staffs can edit themselves to the high tier cause of this.


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