Save client window position after restart


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  • Rue

    Try moving discord to the monitor of your choice and set it to windowed mode instead of full screen, then close out Discord from system tray.  It should then reopen in windowed mode on the monitor you set it to.

    EDIT: APR 2020 -  Since this does not seem to be working for everyone, adding the following info for clarity.  I am currently running Windows 10 ver 1909 on 3 monitors, set at 3840×2160, 1920×1440 and 1920×1440.  My workload often requires that I switch discord from one of the 1920×1440 screens to the other and this method is still working for me as of APR 2020.  My primary monitor is set to the 3840×2160 screen.

    I do not use Mac OS systems so unfortunately can't comment on those systems.

  • SenorBezi

    If anyone still cares, I have a fix.

    You have to add in:

    "MIN_WIDTH": 0, "MIN_HEIGHT": 0,

    into the settings.json file located at Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\discord\settings.json

    You add it in between ~"IS_MINIMIZED": false~ and ~"WINDOW_BOUNDS"~

    It seems to always remember the dimensions you left it at. I messed around with the file, and resizing discord updates the pixel bounds in this file, but my discord always defaulted to different size when I opened it. After adding the two lines, it works.

    Heres a snip:

    I found this from u/That-Guy-Adog on reddit

  • traggelo

    I can't say I know how it works either, but somehow Chrome knows. And Steam and both know where they were last. And that's across a multi-monitor setup too. So whatever they're doing/hooking into, it'd be great if discord could also remember where and on which monitor I had it last.

  • Shnazzyone

    @rue is right!!!


    The problem is with fullscreen mode and it matters how you close discord.


    Click box at top right of the window,

    adjust window to how you'd like it,

    Now don't close your window through the icon in the task bar.

    Go down instead to the lil icon in the system tray (the lil expandable arrow near your clock)

    Right click on that little bugger in there and choose quit.


    When you open discord it will now be where you left it.

  • Hagigamer

    @Shanazzyone - as a person who never once had discord in fullscreen mode, I can confirm that yours is not the solution.

    It also occurs if you have different resolutions on different screens - mine is always 3/4th out of monitor bonds when I open it up, I only see the top right corner of the discord window. 

    My left screen is 1080p, my right one (main) is 2160p - discord is usually on the left half of the 1080p screen.

  • Nexeron

    After +1 year, this is still not fixed :(

  • andsim

    same as for me and my other buddy dont like it too, it use to start on second monitor or where windows was last startup it is a bug

  • Phobia

    Your best bet is to go to ~\AppData\Roaming\discord and edit the settings.json file manually.

    It stores the window size and position as well as whether to start fullscreen or windowed.

    Remember the windows taskbar is 40 pixels high, when setting the window size.

  • Vendor-Lazarus

    Was just forced to start using Win 10, and now Discord doesn't remember window size or location. So, yes, please fix.

  • James Pildis

    I've been having this problem since first downloading discord on a three monitor setup in 2016. 

    June 10, 2021 - Still no viable solution.  

    I think a number of the people commenting "solutions" don't realize that the windowed mode fix only remains relevant to closing and reopening within a single windows session.  As soon as you restart your computer, log out, etc. it opens again on the main display.  Every time, without fail.  Personally I have tried everything listed here with no change, including a manual over ride of the discord screen locator in the settings.json file. 


    At this point the only real solution is to be made on behalf of Discord itself.  They need to allow their application to be opened on separate monitors, which you think would have been common sense seeing as discord is known for being a secondary application.  We don't open discord to stare at the messages and people in the voice chat, we want to play games as we talk with our friends.  Literally the point of a gaming server.

  • Baymax2017

    we need to have the choice of what screen we want  discord to open on it is extremely annoying for it to keep popping up in front of a video i am trying to watch  it did not use to do this also if you stream it pop up when your streaming this is not right and need to be fixed  thanks

  • Spud
    I have the same problem, so to me this would be a very useful feature.
  • Lanatir

    It is pretty irritating that discord starts up on the default monitor every time it starts, especially given that is the same monitor where full screen games go. As a side note, if I could move the window as soon as it took the screen it would be less bothersome, but it takes it's sweet time getting the top bar initialized so that I can grab the window to move it.

  • h2o

    To be explicitly clear - this issue only happens for discord if you leave it maximized - then close it - then open it again.

    It will open on your main monitor /every time/ if it was closed while maximized. Please fix this.

  • ybadragon

    This also needs to happen during updates... The other ticket I made was closed saying this is a duplicate so figured I'd mention this here.

  • socketwiz

    > Try moving discord to the monitor of your choice and set it to windowed mode instead of full screen, then close out Discord from system tray.  It should then reopen in windowed mode on the monitor you set it to

    This fixed it for me, thanks!

  • Vendor-Lazarus

    Thanks! I'll try that.

  • Luke-Bilston-(SleekZ)

    It opens on (i assume) the monitor you have set as default.
    But the ridiculous issues that've come since the "security fix" that moves the token on startup and exit have been plainly painful.

    It may take discord ages to fix it, hopefully not though.

    Hope something good comes of it soon.

  • Frank_n_Honest

    Every time I open discord App on MAC OSX, it opens full screen on my main monitor, but it was last opened on my secondary monitor. I need to resize it and move it each time I open it. My other OSX apps remember their last opened position.

  • Frank_n_Honest

    Thanks! But that’s been tried many times. This happens on both my Mac and Windows. It always starts on the primary window no matter what I do.

  • Phil_RTTNMR


    1. Put Discord on the Screen of your choice.

    2. Right Click top of the window > Restore

    3. Close Discord and it will open on the same screen you closed it before.

  • Caderikor

    This is a must-have if you ask me!

  • Phroneris


    2. Right Click top of the window > Restore

    This is the clearest solution to me, thanks

  • andsim

    dont forget exit discord after u position it and resize then it should remember that when you reload discord. will not work if u reboot your system after you position it

  • Soulreaverx

    Thank you so much for sharing! This fixed it and saved me a lot of hassle. 

  • eliteguardx

    I have attempted most of the potential solutions in this post but everything resets once the application is closed. It will open on my second monitor but it always resets to the incorrect location and size which is incredibly annoying

  • lampd1

    Alright, based on what SenorBezi posted I extrapolated a fix for OSX...
    1. close discord
    2. in terminal run rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/discord/settings.json
    3. reopen discord, position as you desire - should restore to that position when you restart now

  • Togusa

    I'm having similar problems, where locking the PC and then unlocking it results in Discord (yes, in windowed mode, not full screen) moving from monitor 2 to monitor 1, not saving its position.

    I'm testing SenorBezi's solution, and it seems to work so far.  I also adjusted the "x" and "y" and "width" and "height" values to position the window exactly where I want (in the upper left corner of my monitor 2).

    For anyone else attempting SenorBezi's solution, please note:

    1. Before tinkering with the settings.json file, make a back-up copy.

    2. If you change the settings.json file while Discord is open, it may overwrite your changes when you close Discord, so make the changes while Discord is closed.

    Thanks for the tip, SenorBezi!  Will report back if I continue to have any issues with Discord forgetting its place.  :D


    p.s. Yes, the Discord devs really ought to fix this problem so we don't have to kludge a fix ourselves.  But they're notoriously bad at fixing pretty much any obvious UI flaws and design problems that we users document on these forums, so don't hold your breath.  -T


  • Togusa

    Nope, no joy.  Unfortunately, after locking my machine and being away for a few hours, I came back, and Discord had moved to monitor 1 again.  So editing settings.json did not fix the problem, unfortunately.  Only the devs have the power to fix it, and they're unwilling to, it seems (since this thread is 3 years old).  :-(



  • jlp1528

    Hate to necro, but this is honestly a really nice fix. As of posting, my file just looks like this:

      "BACKGROUND_COLOR": "#202225",
      "IS_MAXIMIZED": true,
      "IS_MINIMIZED": false,
      "OPEN_ON_STARTUP": false

    This will maximize the window and bring it to the top of your window stack (like you would expect) when you open Discord. If you want Discord to start with windows, just set the last line to true. Thank you for the fix!


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