Steam Emote Icons


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  • Mav Raccoon

    I've been wanting something like this as well. I very rarely use the Steam chat and never get use all the emotes I have obtained. It would be super nice getting to use them in Discord

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  • Nefnoj

    This would be so cool. I don't know how easily it would be to crossover that data or how much server space it would have for each game for each Steam user. It might be better as a Nitro or Nitro classic functionality, just to give more incentive for Nitro and so that there's not a buttload of server space for every single user, benefiting both Valve and its icon market like you said and Discord simultaneously. I've kind of forgotten about Steam and its custom emotes.

    However, if it is a function that anyone can access without Nitro, it could put more value for users to want Nitro. You like a few additional emotes? You can get even more emotes!

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