PC Specs Detection


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    Interesting idea, however I would still recommend learning a general understanding of some basic components of a PC.

    But if you don't feel like spending your time checking if a NVIDEA card is better than an Intel Integrated Graphics, then yeah this would be a nice suggestion.


    Only one problem: it isn't that easy to compare specs

    There are many, many, different brands manufacturing different types of CPU's, GPU's, etc, and it would be hard to check, unless Discord made a source with the benchmarks for a lot of different mixtures of common cpu's and gpu's, this would be a very painful thing to accomplish.

    Something I will admit, however, to contradict my previous point, is that some basics, like your ram, and storage space, those wouldn't be that difficult to compare, the processor would be easy to compare, as long as they are both the same brand. 


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