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  • why would you add subtitle to vcs ?
  • Ben!

    Skype has them...I guess they could be an accessibility feature?

  • ||Jojo||
    Do you mean voice to text, could be a nice feature but I don't think its really useful?
  • Unizornz

    What if your in voice chat with so many people talking at once

  • Tanukisan

    This feature is really helpful as an accessibility feature in Skype - used it with some hearing impaired friends and it worked well.  Was hoping Discord servers had some sort of similar feature.


  • DreadoKing

    yes, please we really need that, when we have some difficulties in some languages 

  • Ostap

    @discord, we want subtitles feature!

  • lilririah

    Yes please!

    To everyone who is asking questions as to why: It's great for folk who are not native to the spoken language, folk with auditory processing disorders, Deaf/HH folk, & so many other people who just find convenince in subtitles. Also, as for "What if your in voice chat with so many people talking at once," folk who are mindful of the accomodation wouldn't do that.

    I especially would like to know that I can invite my Deaf/HH friends into servers knowing that there won't be an upfront issue of disinclusion.

    I understand that auto captions are not the best, but it's a step above nothing, & helps to stay ADA compliant & increases the chances of folk using the program. There are many people who need captions, & typically when folk find out about an accessible platform we flock to it, & intigrate it more into what we're doing.

    Please, @discord, add subtitles. As of currently I have to end up directing folk off the website/app for us to accessibly chat.

  • Tony H

    Adding my voice to the chorus here -- my server is growing and now has a goodly number of deaf & hearing impaired people who could really use some kind of captioning help for the voice chat.

  • Also adding my voice here. We have deaf/hh friends who are left out of using discord and there are schools who are now using discord channels for clubs which creates and accessibility issue. Google has live captioning and there are other services that are similar, so it is possible, not perfect but goes a long way to support the community.

  • ojeano

    I agree, having a close caption would be essentially beneficial for everyone if you find it annoying with the CC you could probably mute it but if it existed it would help to include others! some ppl maybe need to be quiet so they can just read the vc convo or have a bit of difficulty in following the conversation so reading it would be helpful. 

  • Nat-Noodle

    I 100% agree. My friends and I are trying to communicate through discord and cant because two out of the five od us are deaf or H/H.

  • SilverFox

    I agree, I  need CC to be more inclusive with my friends  and followers

  • JaneBrighteyes

    I am H/H and I would really like voice-to-text auto-captions for myself and community.

  • Raghav

    I have Asperger's and would greatly appreciate this feature.

  • lilririah

    Update: Adding, we are now at the point where Google Meet, Skype, & Zoom all have auto-captions. Google Meet & Skype have even progressed to accomodate non-english languages. Twitter has even started to implement captions into Twitter Spaces. It would be great, and would make the most sense, if Discord did as well.

    It is great that steps have been made to allow better access for screen readers, and captions is important as well.

  • Refined Twitchy

    I am dhoh and would love if this was a thing

  • Crystar16

    Ditto here, I'm Deaf and most of my friends use discord for games.. would love it if it s captioned for whoever is speaking regardless if its on my side or the other side. Please add live captioning!

  • trashpanda

    This would be an awesome accessibility feature for hearing-impaired friends and those who need CC! Please add live captioning :)

  • RocketBoots


    DO IT

    Check out Webcaptioner as someone to partner with



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