A Major Issue With Discord Nitro


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  • John.

    Good suggestion, however I don't think discord will follow through with this request due to the other perks of nitro such as an animated Avatar, gamestore etc and the fact that anyone could use an inappropriate emote (as you mentioned above). But overall I'll support you with this suggestion.

  • Nico

    I think they wouldn't add this since it would be another work load for them to manage as they get multiple "trust and safety" reports for this kind of issue...It may be easier just to leave it as is. However, I do see what you mean.

  • ToxcsmWolf

    I see that as a big problem and an big injury of the Nitro feature.
    For me it's the main reason to have Nitro, and a bigger bunch of servers is disabling that and only allowing it for Boosters. Even the "big" Nitro abonnement has only two Boosts for "free". And even as a booster there is no guarante that you can use them. So in fact, Nitro keeps getting useless for me anymore, since this is the only feature why I pay for it.

    And tbh: i will search for information if this is an injury of the contract...


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