Notification Cool-downs


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  • SomeGuyNamedDavid

    Yes please. I have several servers where they might go days without a message, and then suddenly post 20 messages in one minute. When this happens, I don't need 20 rapid-fire pings, I only need one. I've muted almost all of my servers because being pinged nonstop annoys me, but now I don't know when conversations are or aren't happening. Ideally, how cooldowns would work is something like:

    1. Set a cooldown duration. For example, 5 minutes.

    2. You receive a message at some time, let's say 12:00, and it pings like it normally would.

    3. Another message comes in at 12:01 and it does not ping yet. If you proceed to read that message, it will never ping, but if it has not yet been read by 12:05 (5 minutes after the last ping) then it will send a delayed ping.

    4. Targeted pings (@Username, @everyone) will ignore any ongoing cooldown, and will always ping you and reset the cooldown.


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