Screen Share Tab won't go away.

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    Hi, sorry you're having this problem! If you were having an issue with this popup window, there was a known issue in our system that caused this bug to pop up! I just wanted to update you that our team pushed out a fix through our most recent update and the issues should now be resolved! Could you try restarting your client if you haven't already, and if you're still seeing issues on your end with this, please let me know through and I'd be more than happy to help you further! However, since this website is for suggestions on new features to add to Discord I'm closing out this ticket as invalid.

  • Takedo

    im having the same issue. extremely annoying. i submitted a ticket. ill let u know if i get a fix

    update: the request man said team is working on it

  • zycronic

    can confirm having the same issue

  • CL4P-TP

    Just restarted discord and when I join servers now it shows this. Not sure if it's a bug because it seems to be happening with all my friends too and you'd think that the discord dev team would notice this in testing if it's that common. But they didn't release it in any update notes so I'm pretty confused about it.

  • Flow

    Everyone in my channel is having the same issue. Please fix it before I have to reinstall Teamspeak...

    Edit: We're back in business! Take a hike Teamspeak...

  • pippin

    Sure hope they fix this fast. It's driving people crazy.

  • pippin

    YAAAAY thank you. They were fast...

  • Mexipino32

    If it's still persistent try ctrl+R

  • Sculker

    What exactly does ctrl + R do @Mexipino32 ?
    It did work so thank you very much. But I would still like to know what I may have also disabled by pushing those buttons.

  • Rave

    I found a fix i think, I turned off hardware acceleration in the discord settings then I turned it back on and it went away.

  • Mexipino32

    ctrl+R just refreshes the discord app I've tried reinstalling discord and it still popped up. The command did the trick and also turning on/off hardware acceleration I believe resets discord and has the same effect.


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