Mod Text


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  • ||Jojo||
    I think that permission would be missused to give it "special" users. There is already a feature called pinned messages for mods/admins. I know there are some bots used to created an embed out of a "mod text", thats a nice workaround instead of giving users something like custom embeds.
  • Epsilon Rose

    A pin doesn't really serve the same purpose. It's more about making something easily accessible in the future, rather than very visible right now.

    As for abuse, I'm not sure how much that's really an issue. On one hand, just about any permission, or the roles feature, could be abused in that way. On the other hand, is it really a bad thing if a server decides to use them as a special text for special people, instead of restricting it to mod activity? That seems more like a server culture preference than an actual problem.


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