Adding away messages to profiles or servers


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  • lieuwe_berg

    If you're already in voice or text chat (as you said in your pre-edit), I don't see why you don't just say "Hey, I'm gonna grab a drink real quick" (and mute yourself if you're in voice).

  • 0xAndrew

    a clock and a short description or something im not at my comp or something and your nickname not just at your name at the voice channel

  • Validictus

    The reason you can't just "say" it is because you cannot guarantee that your message gets through to people who join after you leave. Nor can you guarantee that anyone else who may or may not be in the voice channel were paying attention to you. You also have no way of broadcasting your away message to anyone  in a separate discord server. 

    Adding a custom message will also allow other users to gauge when you might return, esp if status messages are timestamped. E.g. (message reads : "brb 30 minutes" but time stamp shows that was two hours ago...means they probably don't want to wait for you a half hour, or if time stamp shows 15 minutes ago, maybe they do want to wait 15-20 minutes for you) 


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