Notification Sound Log


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  • Markimus

    Yes please! I was hoping someone had posted this. I have so many servers and it drives me crazy when I'm getting notification sounds and I can't find the message in the sea of "NEW".

  • öm

    this. i need this

    when you get pinged but are on 20 servers, on which you don't always check the red numbers, and then you hear the sound - where did it come from, who wants something from you - you got to go through all the things - so a log ... that shows you what happend most recently with a history - SUGAR, please implement this.

  • doubledgedboard

    Are they clueless??

    This was closed which is asking for the same thing.

    I came from google trying to figure out how to solve this problem.

    If you have windows notifications off, but the desktop app open, it does the "discord ping" sound, but you have NO WAY of knowing which server the notification came from -- because when the desktop app is open and you're active on your pc, it doesn't ping your phone.

    We NEED an activity stream showing notifications!

    Having to click through 5+ servers with Red "Notification" Badges, Check EVERY CHANNEL with "Unread Messages", Scroll to the bottom to see most recent posts, FIND the post that the notification come from, and then check the timestamp, is an unacceptable user experience!

    This should be obvious to your PMs!

  • Nishant

    why are they not working on this?

  • Bylem

    Shame on you, Discord!

  • noobo

    Is this still not a possibility? I am on many different servers, but I can rarely find where and why the notification sound is coming from. We really need a list of ALL notifications that we can click on to find where we are pinged. Because this doesn't seem to exist, I keep dropping servers which I don't check on a regular basis because otherwise it's too overwhelming.

  • sosborn

    This is so badly needed.  I can't believe there is still no solution to this years on!


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