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    Hi there! Please keep feedback posts to a single request per post. I'm closing out this ticket as invalid, however, you are free to re-post your feedback as separate posts.

  • Unknown-one

    I like these ideas by the way. For all I would say 7/10. Sadly I don’t understand Idea 2. Why a middle finger, what is the point? I suggest making multiple posts about each idea and be more clear. It seems rushed. Which isn’t professional. Haha see what I did there? Because you said multiple times to be more professional... yah that was bad. Anyways bye! ;D

  • Unknown-one

    Never mind I get it now. Sorry. I need to be more professional. Haha see what I did again! :P

  • Unknown-one

    Please someone get what I did for that joke.... D: ^.^

  • time is expensive

    we get it buddy

  • lieuwe_berg

    1) Yes. For this action to work, I think something should be done to them in the member list (i.e. their avatar made grey, or an indicator that they're muted. For now, you could create a muted role that has sending permissions disabled and give people you want to mute that role.

    2) Why not.

    3) I am unsure what you mean by this. Please elaborate.

    4) I say no. Pings work fine, as most people read them. The pop-up panels would be awfully annoying in my opinion. Maybe for partnered servers.


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