Ability to disable nicknames


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  • ꕥ》 Ketania《ꕥ

    The problem is that nicknames can also be easily abused. If you change your own nickname to something offensive, and the staff can’t change it back, then they simply have to kick that person from the server.

    You can’t just remove staff being able to control their own server. If there’s staff abuse going on by changing your nickname, report it to higher staff on that server or leave. You can’t take away their ability to change your nickname though, as that’s a server-specific thing. You can’t take away a server-specific thing from the server staff, as they should be allowed to choose how to run their server, within ToS and community guidelines.

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  • Tessa

    if someone is going out of there way to change there name to offensive content then they have no need being in that discord server and at that point its up to the owner of the server to take action and theirs also the point that its not hard for another server to do the same thing against a user 

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  • Devinh

    Answer the question please. Stop rambling on about random shit

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