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  • artyom

    please vote for this feature

  • Osckar

    press f to pay respect


  • TechMaster85

    Chrome has it. Both Discord and Chrome run on Electron. Just steal it from Chromium's source code, edit it, and boom. Picture in picture.

  • Clover

    You can achieve this by using discord in chrome and activating picture in picture.


  • Fell

    They added the freature on Discord on Windows recently. The video chat has a popout button now.

  • Cyri76

    popout is not picture in picture*

  • Ethsan

    There is a way to do it:

    - ctr + maj + i

    - inspect the video element and select the <video> element

    - in the console type $0.requestPictureInPicture()

    and it should work

    edit: you can directly type document.getElementsByTagName('video')[0].requestPictureInPicture() in the console

  • Adjilino

    Please add this feature. Just add a option, when right click on stream.
    Popout is not good and if you are using the browser it's even worse, always use the console to bring a picture-in-picture of the stream


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