Add a way for Nitro Classic subscribers to boost a server


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  • Azurelos

    putting in my voice here but I really truly believe Nitro Classic should have a single boost available, Nitro 2 boosts. Please reconsider this!

  • !TADS Gaming

    **RANT TIME**

    All i am going to say is what a waste! after spending 2 years paying for NITRO they create a new NITRO and put the old plan down to "Classic" and remove boosts, games etc etc. 


    So myself and everyone else that paid you for 2+ years HELPING you grow and paying for your wages and development means absolutely NOTHING to you! what a way to say thanks to your long turn nitro subscribers. i can understand the games but BOOSTS? REALLY? i may as well cancel my NITRO "Classic" or give my money to another company.

    Rant over.

  • Mike Loeven

    One boost to nitro classic users period. Anything else shows a lack of respect to paying customers and is basically a big middle finger to the community

  • Neppy

    Since 10 euro subscribers now have 2 boosts, just give 1 boost to classic subscribers. Since games are no more, I have absolutely no reason to get a 10 euro subscription, and I don't want to pay for the 5 euro subscription either because I feel robbed.

  • Anish

    You are aware that if nitro classic had one boost, then it would be $5, and you could but another boost for $3.49 so for $8.49 you could recreate the full nitro of $10. Doesn't seem very smart on Discord's part.

  • SosiKokeilu

    Well given that I've been a long term early supporter, and the first among my friends to get Nitro, because I believed in their propganda that its by gamers for gamers, only to realise they're just another EA, but this time of chat apps.. Not to mention the things basically a fancy Chromium browser anyway, the sudden downgrade actually makes me personally feel a bit slighted.  Some thank you to those who supported you Early.

    Oh, and some fun, I did enquire with the staff of Discord, and got back the snottiest email from them about how they're 'so sorry they pour so much of themselves in that they need more money' - Which as a customer service rep myself, was actually a massive FU in my book, they'll never get me to upgrade as a result. I'll stick to the perks I do get, they downgrade me again. I'll return to steam chats :P

  • DraTrav

    It's ridiculous they made it more expensive for free games then removed the games but kept the price

  • DJ*Désolé🌟PourTout

    Paying with paypal Only. No additional Credit Card to it to be added, no need to bank account connected to PayPal. Still be able to pay Nitro,Boosts,gifts .maybe?

  • dada513

    @up dont ask for support in a suggestion, like really this is the worst place to ask

  • lindragon

    Yes, please.

  • EricB_NY

    I signed up for Nitro Classic thinking it included 1 boost ***since there's so much conflicting info and the FAQ pages feel intentionally half arsed***

    I planned to use the 1 boost for the server I prefer, which sits at 1 boost from someone who joined the boosting before things became more expensive to the point it's now pointless to join.   Anyhow  .. This would have brought the server to be LEVEL 1. .. but to do that I have to pay $9 a month (for 1 boost) OR $10 a month (for 2 boosts..1 boost would be extra and pointless to have) ? or $100/yr ? for this server to sit at LEVEL 1.5 ?

    1 person pays $10 to boost a server to level 1..
    or 2 people pay $18 to boost a server to level 1.

    Is this a bad joke ?
    LMAO... $50 /yr to have an animated GIF.. ??
    >>>> CANCELLING NOW. <<<<


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