Nitro Streaks Reclaiming


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  • Valcrye
    Yeah, I do strongly agree with this, back when twitch used sub streaks, they had a grace period to renew your sub before you lose benefits, but this is a good idea for boosting as well
  • Wenis30

    @Valcrye Discord has this also, however it's really short. Only a few days. If there's a problem like you had to get a new card or had to freeze it for some reason or anything like that, it usually takes around a week at least to get a new card. Then there could also be other problems. Like, maybe if PayPal decides to freeze your account for whatever reason, sometimes it can take a month to get the money back.

  • Lengo
    I completely agree on this one. Since it's sorta unfair if they just have 1 card issue since they can't control it and then lose all of the streak.

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