Rich Presence Priorities


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  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    Have an upvote from me, I liked this suggestion and I think it will be a good update.
  • Imaproshaman

    Why not show Spotify and the game under it?

  • Leafy made me who I am

    This is exactly why i went on discord forum/request site. I was gonna make my own but I found just want I wanted. I want this option so bad cause I use PreMiD and It overlays games, (like It has YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc) and It overlays them on the Playing/Watching presence. 

  • Furou

    Discord could have made spotify a secondary-always-there. So it would both display the game that you playing, but also what you are listening to.

    Right now spotify is the priority and I just wanna show that I'm coding in vsc while listening to some sick beats.

  • ImPurpl3

    Yes, I'd love to see this! Have like a limit of 5 or 10 or user set limit of rich presence instances and user set priority. And have it be able to scroll though the list of them when you hover over a vc!

  • complete rich presence overhaul 
    - set priorities and/or show all
    - completely disable specific games/apps

  • kozaka

    Will be this done after 3 years?

    We need a list to be able to set or re prioritize/order as we wish, if the default (defined by Discord) order is not what we like. I do not like, that Spotify is over anything! I could Stream on Twitch, play a Game, listen Spotify or Foobar2000, or whatever what has Rich Presence.

    For me, I would like to have my stream information as first below my name, over every other apps. Then game, then, other apps maybe. Without any restrictions like show only 5 or 10 as suggested. I do not like restrictions!

    Disable games/apps would be also great!

    In details page (if you click on some name), show things as ordered by me or default.

    Please implement something! Thank you!

  • Luca

    This would be especially useful now that you can see all the RPCs in your profile's "Activity" tab. I still think it should show the 2 most prioritized on your mini profile though... (At least have it able to offer Spotify+another RPC)


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