Monthly/Annual Subscription to Boost Smaller Servers?


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  • Robychu

    Just received an email from Discord that states: 
    "In the future, both Nitro and Classic users will be able to buy individual boosts for $4.99 a month per server boost."

    So, in the event I do have 10 users that have Nitro Classic and would be willing to pay an additional $4.99 to boost or upgrade to Nitro (which none of us would take full advantage of), we would be able to get tier 2 perks for the server if we collectively pay you an additional $50/month on top of the $50/month we're already paying for Nitro Classic and not even come close to unlocking tier 3 perks. 

    I love you guys, but that isn't reasonable. 

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  • Darix

    True! 4.99$ a month for ONE boost is still a high price! Plus, for a Classic Nitro user he will pay 9.98$ for an "almost Nitro" subscription. (If he is not a grandfather user)

    I hope that it will be maybe 1.99$ a month for one boost per server, it seems a better price! (So 6.98$ for an "almost Nitro")

    BUT an Nitro Classic+ subscription level should also be a nice addition. The price should be like maybe 6.99$ to get one boost with the Classic perks, so if you get an extra boost for 1.99$ (to maybe turn your personnal server to at least Level 1) you only pay 8.98$ for the "almost Nitro" but without the games if you don't want them.

    OR if you get the Nitro (9.99$) you could give the choice to (A) maybe get 2 (or even 3) boosts without the games or (B) only one boost but with the games.

    So this is how I see the Boost thing! :)

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