Hiding Discord Nitro Boost status


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  • dεzεгէ

    I was going to subscribe to Nitro today but decided against solely because I can't boost a server anonymously. It would be great if Discord would say something about this, like if the policy change in the future. If they will alliow anon boosts I will subscribe

  • TNT

    Same as dεzεгէ, I was going to subscribe today. I was actually searching for an answer to a totally different question and stumbled upon this. Glad I did. Will not be boosting until it can be done anonymously.

  • PatricNox

    I'm not going to buy nitro until I at least can control the badge and role color.

    The enforced badge and color destroys my experience.

  • Sme

    Dear Discord Devs,
    Please allow members to hide the ugly purple  "look at me, I care more about this community than you" icon next to our names.  I upgraded from Classic to standard Nitro to boost my guild's server, but I will be reverting back or canceling completely.  I appreciate all your work and efforts to make such a great product and was excited to support both my server (anonymously) as well as your helpful company, but this side-effect of supporting is a deal breaker for me.  I'm looking forward to the patch notes which include this change, as I will subscribe again :)

  • Judah

    At least I was able to fix the role colour, on my own server. However, I'm now considering boosting some other servers, but I won't dare until I can opt-out of the badge.

    "We don't need no stinking BADGES!"

  • Deodus

    Boosted a server and discovered the badge, is there still no way to hide this? Come on, I don't want everybody seeing I'm spending money, I will be cancelling everything ASAP until this is resolved.

  • cheneylouised

    hi! i would also love to boost a server but i don’t want everyone to know. it seems strange that you would have a badge at all for when someone boosts a server as its not really important to anyone else. i want to silently support the server i’m apart of, i would even like to be able to boost a server completely anonymously but i understand and am ok if its just the server owner who knows. i probably won’t do any server boosting until this feature is available, which makes me sad but i don’t feel comfortable with how it is now. hopefully this gets considered :))

  • altersky-penguin


    I'm getting teased from time to time for just owning a nitro and boosting a server.. I don't want this, allow me to hide it and live in peace!!

  • Adam Snyder

    Please Discord add the ability to hide badges. I will not be renewing my Nitro subscription because of this. I don't want people treating me differently because I have boosted a server.

  • .

    Please make it so we could get rid of it, I am getting harassed non stop just for it being there

  • .

    I will no longer be paying for subscription if this problem is not resolved.

  • gotmunchiiies

    I hated this before. Then i went to classic. Now im back here and remember why i reverted. Please allow option to remove this. Its ridiculous.

  • Brown Floyd

    It's very simple: I belong to multiple servers with overlapping members and I want to boost some of them without getting questions why I'm not boosting others. This has to be a common use-case, and it's perplexing why Discord won't allow us to hide the status. I want to give you my money!


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