Audio Quality behind Nitro is NOT okay


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  • TheDude

    Either THAT or make the price way lower for selected benefit. In this case audio.

  • I agree.

  • meme

    Higher quality audio requires more bandwidth = costs more money for discord.
    96kbps is absolutely fine for most users, considering how people were praising discords audio quality before this update.
    >96kbps is a novelty.

  • Kratzbesen


    While I agree with your suggestion, I disagree on the audio options.

    No compromise for the audio! It is the most basic feature of Discord.

  • mgremont

    I totally agree with you, server audio quality should not be exclusive to server boosts.
    The problem with server boosts is that you need a large community to reach different levels, for many discord servers it's not the case so those features are unreachable.

    I think certain perk such as the audio quality should be available through a server monthly subscription in parallel of the Server boost. So we will have different options to access a better audio quality.


    I would gladly pay a monthly fee to get the highest audio quality.

  • Yzarul

    Right now it would cost 1080$ (minus a few cents) per year to get the best perks for one server. Assuming using a nitro subscription to get the 30% boost discount with the new 2 boost that come with nitro now.

    Which is way too much if all you care about is better audio quality for a few people on a small server.

  • TrollosaurusHax

    TeamSpeak people.


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