Allow Discord Nitro Users to Boost 1 Server per Month Subscribed


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  • Misconceived

    I absolutely agree, extremely frustrating that you can give someone nice perks for boosting then they can just retract it and boost a different server because that is their only boost. Every single month someone buys Nitro since you can't even boost with the $5 one should give you another server boost. Also when you boost a server you should not be able to retract it, ever, this makes it easy for trolls and hard for server owners. I was so happy to get a banner just to find out most of the people that boosted my server only have enough money for Nitro for a month so it's going to all go away, I very much appreciate the boosters but I really think Discord should change this, it is really unfair and not right you only get 1 boost and to keep it you have to keep paying for Nitro, also you can switch around your boost and put it back and fourth in between servers. This should have many more up votes.


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