Redesign the Discord homepage for a better User Experience


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  • index.ts
    Yes! For new users who haven’t made an account, it is unclear where to make an account. The `Login` and `Open Discord in your browser` buttons make it seem like you need to have an account to use Discord, but have very little indication of where to go to create an account!
  • Blastoise186

    Indeed. This is something that Discord hasn't done a great job with for a very long time.

    Even now, it's still not exactly clear how a user can create a new account, since there's no obvious "Sign Up" or "Register" buttons, links or anything else. In actual fact, it sort of makes it look like Discord doesn't let you create a new account!

  • agreeable

    I agree.

    Found: "All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that's free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone."

    It's really a visually nosy site. I like the cuteness, just need to dial down the clutter. I guess it will sort out eventually what their main USP is- right now it seems like they are broadly trying to be a lot of things.

    Looks like their main CTA is to download the app. 


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