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  • Carolyn Watts

    Please make this a feature! My discord group for school has a lot of side chatter and important messages are easily lost. PLEASE MAKE AN UPDATE AND ADD THE OPTION TO HIDE MESSAGES

  • Ayd9

    I agree, +1. it would be great if I can hide painful messages so I don't need to see it again involuntarily later.

  • BlueSteel28

    Please add this feature. I have encountered a specific scenario where I'm negatively impacted by the absence of this feature:

    • Let's say you're in a private chat with your best friends
    • You have a severe phobia of sharks, your friends don't know this.
    • They post numerous memes about sharks while you're offline.
    • Now you have to scroll through images of your worst phobia every time you go through your chat history and there's nothing you can do about it beyond disabling all images forever on Discord :/

    I like my friends and I hate sharks. Please empower users to choose what they can look at.

  • LdDamienBlue

    Come on Discord!! Add the feature to hide specific messages!!

  • Spidey-man

    at this point, i feel like they are just too busy, otherwise they would have add this like a year ago :/

  • batprime11

    Come on Discord!! Why don't you just add this super simple easy feature?!? I would love to be able to hide messages I just don't want to see!! It's not like it's hard to add a delete button!!

  • Wordsmythologic


    Please add this.

  • Nexus Darkshade

    come on, Discord. I don't want to block a friend on a specific discord just because they posted 1 or 2 things I don't want to see.

  • asciidude

    Gotta give this a +1

    This is a must, it sucks Discord hasn't added it yet. It's so simple too

  • Jeff D

    I am kind of shocked this is not in the app. Likewise I would like to hide an image posted that I don't want to see again. 

  • Camo

    no way this still hasnt been added yet itd take like 2 seconds

    i mean this thread is 4 years old and it would be so easy to implement you already have the block feature


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