more markdown options


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  • Peter Boling (NPP)

    Please upvote the Hyperlink Markdown feature request!

  • natural

    I strongly agree that supporting some more Markdown would contribute to clarity and ease of use. Even collapsible summaries! Even if there's some kind of security risk with hyperlinking, and that can't be implemented, I'd love to see headings, lists, dumb simple tables… Thank you!

  • Steve Marks

    Should at the very least add support for the most basic markdown things similar to github. 

    E.g. headings, lists, hyperlinks, tables

  • Slowftw

    They finally added some others!
    it would also be amazing to have images inserted between texts, thematic break, tables,  etc…:

    alt text = defines img size because of poop-fallback-img:
    ![128x128]( -> WIDTHxHEIGHT, external img
    ![128](123456789 or attachment_1) -> WIDTH, attachment id or array index
    ![x128](attachment_filename.jpg) HEIGHT, attachment filename
    | foo | bar |
    | --- | --- |
    | baz | bim |

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