rewards for big servers and big bots


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  • [⚙] Carmelo

    Yes ! It's a good suggestion for Discord.

  • Antow

    It's a good idea BUT i think it's not safe.
    Because i think it just trigger an another wave of "Invites Rewards" bad servers. We have actually a lots of bad publicity servers of some teenagers of 13/14/15yo and i think this idea juste restart this wave of fully bad servers.

  • ZerMal.kzb />

    I understand Antow, it is possible to set up criteria to benefit from these advantages, and why check all servers before ...

  • Raldralg
    Hello I also find that it is a good suggestion even if Discord surely will not see it, in any case good continuations for the future if it works.
  • chaun14


  • firefox

    I thinks is a good projects and AzerX2 said " it is a very good projects go follow and to make these suggestions, a projects" (il ma demander de le dire)

  • Azer_X2

    It is a very good projects and much peuple trought this suggestion very good

  • Très bon projet je te soutien bg


  • 𝑰𝒔𝒌 ᴿᴷ

    It's not a bad idea. However I'm afraid it will make new or small guild even less active. If only big servers/bots have like unique features that small ones can't have, it will only like make big guilds/bot dominate all discord. Thus leaving no room for small innovative ideas.

  • M'apidae

    C'est une très mauvaise idée car des gens mettrais pleins de DC

  • 👍👍


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