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  • bloody_albatross

    Yes, I too would like to change the notification sound on a per server basis.

    Main reason: We also use Discord for work and now when hearing the notification sound I don't feel "ooh, a Discord notification" any more, but instead I feel "what the *#$%& do they want now?" So basically I want my positive associations to the Discord notification sound back.

    I use the web client.

  • WilHiteWarrior

    Absolutely agree. Discord's current notification sound is so bland I hardly ever even notice it. We really need to be able to customize our own

  • Zenia

    Bump it 'till they see it. :)

  • Tepi

    Being able to customize notification sounds on a Server or even User basis would be fantastic. Or "Server notification" versus "DM notification" would even make life much better. There's only one server I care about sometimes hearing notifications for, but sometimes, I really only care about hearing if someone DMs me. Or tags me, I suppose - we don't use that option much in our group.

    As a user, it would be great to be able to upload (or choose from a list) different notification noises for different servers, or different users. If that's too complex, then perhaps the owner of a server could select from a list of choices for notification sounds pertaining to their server.

    Perhaps, as an additional idea, we could change the volume on notification sounds? Either across the board, or on a per-server/user basis. So, I'd hear notifications from *this* server significantly louder than those from *that* server, and DMs from my significant other loudest of all. Etc.

  • ActionScripter

    I would love this.  Features that would improve Discord dramatically, in descending order of importance to me personally: 

    - Different sound for pings (or DMs, anything that would create a number notification)

    - Ability to set custom ping sound (or perhaps variations in volume or pitch) for each server

    - Ability to distinguish between pings and DMs via sounds, and also between direct pings and group pings like @here or @role

    This would solve the problem that comes up after using Discord for a little bit, which is becoming so desensitized to the notification sound that you let DMs and pings go unanswered due to not checking on them.  

    (And if someone wonders "Why don't you just look for the number in the taskbar icon to see if it's important?" - this doesn't work when you're fullscreened in a game or another app and don't have the overlay running!)  

  • mack trucker

    Pretty old school that you can't set custom notification sounds on any platform.  Considering that most all apps current day have that option.  Won't ever use this app for voice either because it sucks.  

    Guess we get what we pay for.  Free. 

  • Fiora

    I think about how useful this feature would be on a near daily basis!

    -Custom sound upload (maybe .wavs and .mp3s?)

    -Sound association by Server/User (if DM)/Server Folder (I know it's a reach but it would give server folders a whole new dimension of utility!)

    Ideally you could schedule the sounds to be different/switch to things like possibly vibrate or a different sound based on time and day of the week.

  • Custom sounds would be awesome on discord, this thread needs more upvote, we need not only customs for server/user basis but custom all over Discord, something like TS.

  • mack trucker

    @Fiora you are absolutely right! I still can't believe that an app used by millions, doesn't yet have this function. I cant think of any other app on my phone that I can't set a custom notification for.

  • Art3mis

    +1, should be able to differentiate between messages and pings, because pings could be important and it isn't fair or appropriate to have the same sound for both.


  • Plain Ramen Noodles

    I have one server that I ALWAYS want to check if it pings, but others are just nice to have. So either I only allow notifications from one, or just miss important notifications because I can't tell them apart


  • MW

    Totally agree. This is something we really need!



  • Lee T

    I’m in 4 rooms on one server 1 room has two dub-rooms. I want to distinguish notifications from the different rooms. Currently, they all sound alike.

  • matt kush


    My company is switching from Slack to Discord for work chats, but not being able to distinguish between work servers and play servers by sound is very frustrating.

  • OneStepLayered

    Complete customisation would be fantastic.

    Specific sounds for

    • Server
    • Channels
    • DMs and for different people
  • Toby Jones

    I cannot hear the notification tone when I'm playing music - I want to make it louder or replace it with my own sound.


  • Phier

    Would love to customize any dm/server sound notifications to know exactly who's dming me.

    I need to separate my work, relationship, and friends. All things I'm sure Discord would like to promote using their program for.
    At this point notifications are just something to mute, since the sounds give you zero information aside the fact someone is talking somewhere(maybe). "Discord Email Services" is great, but a messenger would be awesome.

    Implementation could be similar to uploading your own emoji.
    Harsh limits on file size, length, etc. would be completely understandable.

  • KoolAid

    people are commenting on this issue for years and discord can't fix it yet!!!!

  • Luna Sidhe (Jo)

    I have ADHD and can't hear the notification sound when there is anything else going on, because it is so bland and easily ignored. I wish I could change the notifications, ESPECIALLY FOR PINGS (separately), and on a per-server basis. This seems like such a common UX feature that I'm kind of shocked it doesn't already exist ... especially with people requesting it over and over in multiple threads.

  • Roerich



    I'm in a room with 2 desks and 2 sets of speakers. It is impossible to tell which computer is getting the notification. It's a waste of time to have to search for which channel on which computer got a message.

  • Verdoux Kai

    I also want this. Make it happen, Discord! 

  • Azmaeus

    I'd also like the ability to change notification sounds (and preferences?) per-server primarily, and per-person would be a nice-to-have as well.

  • HolyBeardedOne

    If we can't have a feature that was available on the Nokia 3310 (from 20 damn years ago)

    At least tell us what f_ files to change...

  • Tcook

    bumpitty bump bump

  • RoyalTea

    Please, this feature is needed.

  • Alighierian

    I'd also like to hear when I actually get mentioned, versus just getting pinged to death by every single unmuted chat message blasting away like a pop concert.

  • This is literally one of the only features that would get me to pay for Discord Nitro. Please implement

  • iNgeon

    How is this still not a thing

    Specific sounds for

    • Server
    • Server Groups
    • DMs Direct Messages
  • jimbotec

    Yep. I have a couple of Alert and important channels and for these I would prefer have a strident notification tone, to get my attention.

  • Méli Mélo

    2 years later.
    We still want this.


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