Whisper command to other people


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  • TheFutureKnight
    and maybe said message can be sent in DMs in the form of "Whispered in {server name}: {content of the whisper}" so you don't lose the message unless your DMs are closed/you aren't friends with that person
  • theChosenOne

    or maybe it could be inside that server itself in that channel


  • CometGoat

    This would be incredibly useful for work purposes. For example, rather than sending a message to everyone in a channel when a meeting with specific people was rescheduled, it could instead be posted "/w CometGoat meeting rescheduled to 2.15pm"

  • ༒✢꧁Sนvͥeeͣrͫ_Op꧂✢༒

    It isn't working tell some other way




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