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  • Nostrildumbass


  • asslyn

    I'm interested in this feature as well. Swiping between pictures inside a chat and although having an overview over the uploaded images is an intuitive way to view and move between image-based content.

    I made screens how it could look. Plz, think about it.

  • JokerXDexter-2.0

    Yes, Please make this feature ❤️

  • Nikgay

    This is such a simple, yet very efficient feature - would love if they added to desktop and mobile!! sometimes when you send a string of images, it's annoying having to click to expand the image, then click out, click the next image to expand, and just repeat... Swiping would be so much quicker!!

  • Hijargo

    Big bump. Sad that discord has the option for image only channels but doesn't have a function to navigate full size images without minimizing and maximizing each individual image. Seems like a big oversight.

  • Harbringer


    that would be awesome

  • Crim

    I'd echo this request. I wish I could browse images in a channel with arrow keys. Full-screen discord, have images display at their full resolution (or scaled down to fit if they exceed the display area) and navigable by arrow keys (or swiping on mobile).


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