Request of removing 2FA through Discord Support.


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  • Twilight Sparkle

    The very fundamental concept of 2FA is to ensure a person is who he say he is, by proving that you own the device, being able to remove 2FA without actually passing it is a simple breach into the security system.

    There are Backup Codes for those who use 2FA and it serves as a redundancy In case of your mention scenarios, which are designed to be printed or written in a safe place. When you setup 2FA, You are basically telling discord that I will have either my device or backup codes with me at all times, and that not to trust my email only on my account, as well as to tell discord never in Any Circumstance trust anyone without the second factor.

    If your friends needs to cancel his nitro, he can always do it by blocking transactions from discord from your payment network.


  • Sidkriken

    @Twilight Understandable. thank you for the detailed insight and information as well! I'll make sure to let my friend know about this information so he can be more careful next time!


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