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  • ๖̶̶̶ζ͜͡Pablo

    thats not bad idea if i could manage all roles in one category

  • MeLlamanHokage
  • EpicPix

    this is great.!!!!




  • Sai Chinna
    This Works with Verified Server It will be more good if they release all Servers.
  • JasperEdits

    bump my guy

  • UserTeemu

    If you can edit the post, I would suggest changing the title to "Role folders/groups/categories"

    Anyways a REALLY good idea.

  • Blazin

    I agree!
    Either categories for roles, or folders for roles.

    Makes it so much easier!

  • TheRudeDude
    We're still able to categorize the server roles just like we're able to categorize the server channels so, how does this make a new suggestion?
  • Inno
    As a guy who makes discord servers alot this will be useful hope it gets added
  • Nicolae

    Думаю такая возможность как добавления папок для ролей и классификации каждой папки под определённые права на всегда бы избавило многих пользователей от мучительных лишних движений в моментах когда нужно действовать быстро. А так же такая возможность обеспечит порядок в роли на сервере.
    С уважение заместитель OBSTRUCTION.

    I think such an opportunity as adding folders for roles and classifying each folder under certain rights would always save many users from the painful extra movements when you need to act quickly. And also such an opportunity will provide order in the role on the server.
    With respect, Deputy OBSTRUCTION.

  • Warrak

    Tbh this is probably the thing I've been wanting ever since release of discord, it would simplify the sectioning of roles visually. Allowing certain roles to appear in color over others.

  • soroush.saffari

    this would be amazing if combined with the (role) option to limit role/member management to its category.

  • AtThatTime

    This would be extremely useful. It'd help to keep the roles tab extremely clean and manage-able instead of being ugly and being forced to create place-holder roles to categorise the roles manually like the screenshot bellow. Good suggestion!

  • senri

    It could also be helpfull when you have many similar roles and don't wanna say "this one is superior"

    You just put all the roles in one category without any ranking inside

  • 💜Clari

    This suggestion is amazing, and it would be great if it was added. I know some of this was said already, but i'm just going to put the email i wrote to discord in here. 


    Discord is a great app, but the roles are a bit messed up sometimes. Is it possible that you could add role categories? My idea would be that when you look at the role menu, there is a new option, for role categories, and you can sort the roles such as staff, hobbies, etc. and when you look at a person's server profile, every category has its own line. But the category only shows up if the person has a role within that category. And then you can also just set a category end point that only shows up in the role menu, if you want some roles to not be categorized. 
    This would be a great update, and I know that a lot of servers just use another role, but that can get complicated especially when you are figuring out how to add role, so it would be nice to have it built in. Thanks

    My follow-up email:

    I thought I should add a bit more detail. With the current setup, if you use roles as categories, it allows people with manage roles to promote themselves. This is not good. It would also be nice if we could collapse the role categories within role settings as we can with channel categories. It would make it much cleaner. Also, maybe a separate "colors" section, that's not a subsection in "roles", it's its own settings section, but the user still creates the roles there, but it doesn't act as a normal role. There are no permissions to toggle on a color role, and it shows up at the bottom of your roles, even though your username has that color. Anybody with manage roles can edit these roles.

    Thanks for listening to my suggestions. I know that they would help to make discord better and cleaner, especially in the roles area.



    Also, I'm going to attempt to get as many people as possible to upvote this.

  • AdoptedKitty

    I think this is a great idea it is really neat. Srry i am not good at writing like Clari but you get the idea.

  • AntiChronic

    Bump, we really need this! Please upvote this thread so it gets more coverage and maybe one day Discord will add this amazing feature!

  • ferreras

    Some servers do it with a trick using blank characters, it would be much better to have an official way to do it.

  • enigmalea

    I am BEGGING Discord to implement this without us having to resort to blank characters and making roles a specific color and that only working on desktop and not mobile. It's really a simple visual thing that would make quickly identifying roles so much easier.

  • Nilex

    As discord changed the role color./backgrounds again, please get this implemented

  • Eruption

    Bump again. As an owner of a server which a bunch of roles, I want Discord to implement this!!!

  • Tomboy21

    Would also be helpful for more education-based servers that also hang out, you can have classes in a folder you can have games in a folder and you can have social roles in a folder

  • Coda

    There is a similar Feature request from user Tyne here with really good examples:

  • Povi

    It would be useful!

  • prototype464

    This would be extremely useful. It'd help with both organization and sorting out permissions. Please add this!

  • lessvoice

    Here is a visual concept from my side.


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