Ability to add username/tag to merch


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  • index.ts
    This would be cool, but I see a slight problem with it. You are able to change your name which would make the text on the merch useless. Even if you change your name back, there's a chance your discriminator (4 digit number) could change. Cool idea though!
  • angelrose

    That is true, but I guess the idea is that if you're going to get merch with your name on it, it's probably because that's the name you go by most and don't plan to change it

  • Maggie
    This is a really neat idea, but I see possible problems... for example, setting it up such that customising it to have tags, etc would take longer for the final product to be delivered as it obviously takes much more time to pay attention to the smallest detail. Still though, this concept is pretty awesome; hopefully Discord does something like this one day.
  • almostsuspense
    good idea
  • Exaint
    this is basically the best merch idea ive ever seen +1
  • Costpap
    Even though I don't plan on buying merch, this is a very very nice idea.
  • avocado

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