Role Folders


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  • Coolguy3289

    Could you elaborate more on what you want implemented? 

  • Leafeon

    you will be able to put roles in folders helping sort them and easy access to the 200 roles 

  • bloodwiing

    I guess a way to create, sort and control Role Groups?

    I mean that would be a cool idea to for example navigate faster. Or to make some channels accessible if you have one of the roles in a Group or all roles in the Group.

  • Zizxy

    This would be neat for servers like my own where there's many "joke" roles: where they are attached to specific people but they don't serve much of a purpose other than a title. Folders for roles would be nice to organize roles with different purposes, or to separate roles that don't serve a purpose from the ones that do, as with my example.

  • mesub
    Cool (but highly suggested) idea.
  • Acuddle

    Yeah, it'd be cool to put all title roles into a folder !

  • Niavolo

    Basically re-saying what everyone else is saying, but I think this should be added immediately. It helps control level up roles (Arcane and MEE6 for example), and like many other said, joke roles. You can either A: distribute power to all roles or a specific role in that sector, or B: delete all roles if you were to clean up your server if it's too messy. I think this would help aaaa lot considering the 250 roles limit.


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