Option to hide your own stream window



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  • Evil Scotsman

    would help a lot 

  • MessedUpSmiley

    Yes, please add this, there's no need for whatever someone sees him-/herself to fill a part of the screen real estate. 

  • BD-_-BD

    Yes please

  • addmitt

    Yep. I also don't like seeing the actual live stream preview. It uses unnecessary performance. I can see it from the actual source that I'm streaming from! No need to see it twice if unnecessary.

  • Malice Majik

    I would love if they put this in.


    I completely agree. I have no use to see my own stream. It's aggravating to have my own stream up in the grid when I am watching multiple streams, it cuts down screen size and quality substantially. Having an option to remove your own stream from the grid would be incredible I also would like to see multiple options in grid mode. If I'm watching three streams let me choose one to be half a screen and the other two smaller boxes on left or right. Or if I'm watching two streams give us the option be to go full screen, or just fill the wasted space in grid mode, with one stream on top and the other on the bottom like coop play. 

    All of this requires one to be using a second monitor. But if youre just watching streams it wouldn't have too.

    Please discord!! Make this an option! 

  • Conkrete

    Totally agree, when playing with 4 friends it shifts to a 5 stream layout (because I can't hide my stream) and thus lose a ton of screen realestate

  • H0bbit23

    I fully agree. The fact that it shows my own stream is pointless

  • wilven_t

    Please!! This should be in high priority. Seeing my own screen on a 3 that could be a 2 or a 5 that could be a 4 view window kills my urge to want to look watch others stream. 

  • watacouille

    this is a highly requested feature of my friends and I , Thanks!

  • Jonesyx

    I vote for this as well.. Very useable to disable your own window if you'e watching 4 mates.. If your stream is shown as well, it will be alot smaller windows to watch at...

  • Mishy

    Totally agree! Please add this discord system admins <3 !!!!


    We need this to get more juice!!! Please upvote as much as you can!

  • Timberline

    This would be super helpful

  • Mike_Laker [Rogues]

    Not sure why this still isnt implemented, old reddit post from old Daniel at Discord staff says, 'you currently can't but I don't think this would be hard for us to address. Let me make sure I understand how you're using this first!
    So you're streaming for other friends / your teammates while also streaming. Do you want to watch from their POV from another monitor?'
    If not hard to implement.... Please do :)

    Just a simple, 'hide own stream window'. So that you can watch (for example) 2 or 3 teammates stream without a whole window showing your stream 'Your stream is still running'. Who cares? I know im streaming, show me the streams I want the POV from.
    Further request, if do-able, make it so that you can select (with box tick or whatever) which streams you want to see, would be useful in friendly, community style discords where you might have a lounge or large room with two separate squads doing squad things, all chatting but I only want to see the 2 or 3 POVs i have selected... Anyway, Love discord, Will be Nitro for a long time yet, keep up the great work.


  • anTastico

    My friends and I would love to see this as a feature. I really don't understand why we would need to see our own stream...

  • Craptastic

    Please implement it, would be super helpful

  • n0taqua

    Can we please get this?

  • Yisora

    This would be so usefull! It would be great if you could not only hide your own stream but also your own webcam. When I'm gaming with others and we have webcams on and stream our games to eachother I lose 2 places in the grid to my own streams which is totally unnecessary! It would be great if we could get a respone here ^^

  • Dan Hot

    When i watch two m8s why i have to see my own stream, thats so fail!

    Option pls fast for disable own stream!

  • baron

    +1 Please add an option to disable my own stream preview in a channel.

  • Raab

    Keep upvoting and commenting everyone, let's make this gain traction, seems like everyone I ask would love this to be implemented

  • Miral Argent

    Yeah my friends and I all really want this as well!

  • [OB] Myyrä

    This is a must feature.
    I play Escape from Tarkov a lot, and been able to see others POV is a must.

    What i would want is to:
    A: Hide my own "screen" so the other streams fill the screen more.

    B: Being able to resize each stream window to prioritize certain POV. And/or make me able to pop-up each stream as their own window so i can move them freely on my screen.

    C: Remove/disable the little "mini streams" on the right side to boost performance

  • TaurusFire

    I see this as an absolute must in discord, I've had "problems" with this for many years already because me and my friends stream alot while playing togheter, I can barely see whats going on with them when removing my own stream would up the sizes of their stream


  • abkacker

    Please give us an option for that. It makes absolutely no sense that we are forced to see the own stream, when watching other streams.

  • Assneckschmutze

    100% agree! It only disturbs if u wanna watch several streams

  • Vivi

    I doubt discord pay attention much to what the community wants, this post was made 9 months ago and not one response from the team. They don't care. They want monies. Looking for console partnership?

  • McDouche

    Yes! Please!

  • Joba

    +1 should be an option to turn off own stream


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