Show Stopper Layout Bug With Embeds-Width [Android ]


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  • Pako

    I can confirm that it is happening in our whole community after latest android update. Our embeds consist of fields only (and color) - no author, description nor title.


    I was trying to workaround it that I add some additional info but I'd have to set long text so its wider enough but if I add e.g. as Title just simple "text" its wider as the title, ignoring required width of fields.

    This is how it look like on desktop web:

    This is how it look like on android app:

  • AlvieMahmud

    This is also happening for me :( it's really annoying because before it would fix itself if you scroll past it and then as long as you don't open the keyboard it's fine... Now it's just permanent messed up.

    Also, this isn't a *new* issue, it's been happening for a while but now it's just extremely annoying.

  • ayakov

    I concur. Have it now, makes embeds unreliable and unusable on mobile.

  • IcemanBo

    AlvieMahmud's linked thread shows a workaround, using an author for the embed. The embed seems to have at least the width, equal to the author's width.
    So I just put something like "------------------------------------------" as author.
    It's not the best solution, but some way better for sure.

  • Pako

    Workaround is rewriting fields to markdown and format fields yourself. Adding multiple dashes as an author is ugly since there are devices with different sizes and resolutions.


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