Role Management


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  • Spack_YT

    Or a ranking system.. I know you can do it with bots but doing it by discord could be a better idea

  • MesterSye


  • Naya

    "Choose which roles can a role assign or remove (manage).

    Choose whether a role can manage and edit some roles, or only able to assign them"

    YES. I would like all my admins to be able to assign roles without having ability to change the roles or create / delete roles.

  • Rusk09114

    I’ve been trying to make multiple roles on one member to affect their permissions by channel but they just overwrite each other

  • Schnorri

    I would liek if I could combine different roles to one group, without changing their Permissions so that users can mantion them with a single mention that includes e.g. 4 roles.

    For example: My server has a few different roles with moderator rights: Owner, Co-founder, Admin, Moderator.

    I'd love if I could create a group named "Server-Team" in which I can add these different roles.


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