*New Nitro Suggestion* - Profile Calling Card (Customization of Profile Banner)


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  • Помойная Панда🦝

    LouisS, so it was not me.

    As if the lol system, most of the beta users I saw on accounts not older than 19 years of registration. And strangely enough, in the testers' discord, almost all testers have a beta by chance? fiction.

    Why don't they, for a change and decency, not start with those who are registered from the very beginning and further, let's say I have been registered since 16 years old, why for people who supported the same nitro from the moment of its introduction in 17 years they were not given a more significant award than a medal previously supported you said, of course, well done, but go to the forest and pay like everyone else, given the continuity of my subscription since 17, also with backgrounds.

  • hello, im a dog

    damn, this aged like fine wine


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