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  • Phearal

    Thank you! I came here looking for information how to get rid of this and from your post I guess there isn't a way to do that. I don't like this feature either and want it gone from my view as well.  Not being able to turn it off is annoying.

  • Rizsa

    dear god please. i want it to go away.

    its probably the dumbest thing they have ever added.

  • NanoTechnicianHQ 📞

    it's really an after thought, it doesn't fit the gui. An alternative is to use the browser, doesn't seem to have the same issue.

  • thepostit

    After all of the bugs I've encountered in the web app, that's a hard pass on switching.

    Besides, wouldn't that also remove the game overlay (I called it steam overly in OP, which was a brain fart, but gets the point across), which I explicitly said I liked?

  • OkaHome

    I agree. I like having the overlay visible so I know who's talking in groups I don't recognize by voice yet, but having it pop up and tall me to stream every 30-60 minutes is annoying. (that is popping up when I load into a new match)

  • Fringe

    I ignored this notification for a long time but it is now officially driving me crazy. Why present it to people who don't have streaming setup? Why not let us opt out of its never ending nag?

  • thepostit

    Not as far as I've seen.

  • aaronth07

    Still no way to remove this stupid notification I guess *sigh*

    On a (now positive) side note, this has moved me from Discord to Steam's new chat features, such as voice chat and messaging. Discord for me now is closed 95% of the time, and only used for specific servers. 

    Congrats Discord, you successfully moved me away from your platform. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.


    Why would I want this feature? If I have not clicked on it for months why would it still keep asking?

    Please give us the option to disable!

  • DunjinDan

    This needs to go away.  Half of the time when it pops up when I launch a game, it just stays there and I can't even click it to dismiss it.  Everything I've tried, the only way to get it to go away is to actually quit my damn game and relaunch and hope that the next time the notification pops up I can actually click it off. 

    This is dumb, and whoever decided to not let this be able to be turned off should feel bad about themselves.

  • Milya

    When can we turn this off? it's been 5 months, come on..


    It's so ridiculous, most people don't have a streaming PC or any desire to stream if they have one. All kinds of software just keeps adding shit on your screen for no reason.

  • Sarah Starchild

    The pop ups have turned me off using discord to stream anything at all. It needs to go. If I have no option to disable it, it should not appear at all. Discord streaming may as well be a bloatware feature if they need to constantly nag users to do it.

  • Klocknov

    This has to be the worst and most annoying "feature" added to Discord, I can click the X button on the notification and it just re-pops 5 seconds later... Thankfully I found out it was due to the discord overlay so no more seeing who is talking for me because you want to nag us to death and take up our screen space just so we might think of streaming through discord. Honestly due to that I will probably never use the overlay again because last thing I need is a pop-up every 5 seconds taking up screen space while gaming to annoy the living hell out of me...

    Not everyone who uses discord streams, not everyone who streams wants to use discord, let us choose to have that notification or not. In the current instance it just is going to push people away from Discord because who wants a notification pretty much permanently on their screen to go live when they are not a streamer? Or maybe they are streaming through a different method, who wants that nag ruining their stream? Half-baked features put in to the application like this upset people by breaking something that worked perfectly before.

    PS: I am so glad I haven't restarted Discord in a couple months as this would have drove me insane earlier...

  • michaelpaulfitz

    This is such a terrible notification.  It pops up right on top of the "Play" button in CSGO every time I start up.  We frequently stream CSGO to each other to demonstrate nades, and we absolutely do not require this notification.  This is a horrible user experience.  Please let us disable this.

    There's not even a "do not show me again" box lol.  Laughable design.

  • ThiagoCururu

    It's been a while since I first read this thread and still no way to disable this stupidity. Devs please listen to your audience.

  • Zopha

    Looking for the ability to disable this as well, please!

  • Conger

    just figured out how to turn off the go live overlay feature....open discord app on PC, click on setting gear wheel on bottom, click on overlay option on left, scroll down to overlay notification where there is box with 4 small boxes inside it, one on each corner of the bigger box, you will have the top left box highlighted white, click on the circle with the slash through it in the middle, all 4 small boxes now have no white border, that shuts off the overlay live notification on games...you welcome

  • brett1337

    Conger that is not the fix requested in this thread. We would still like to be able to see other notifications, but not an advertisement for a feature we are all very familiar with already.

  • Zopha

    Yeap, there's some stuff I still want to see while in game. Turning off the overlay is one way to fix the Go Live notification but it disables other useful features.

  • Droodi

    Every 2 mins this pop-up. I know I can stream to my friends, I just don't want to do it every time I play. You don't need to remind me every 2 minutes. Actually, you don't have to remind me at all as I know about this feature and I will use it when I need it.

    Please, please, please give us a way to disable it.

    Oh and btw, if you click the cross to dismiss the pop up, nothing happens...

  • Ereal

    this thing gets more and more disturbing. i guess ill just keep discord closed all the time 

  • ez clap

    Ereal You could try disabling all notifications, by disabling the following feature. I believe it worked for me some time ago when I needed it. Of course it'll disable ALL of them, but that's perhaps better than keeping Discord off at 'all' times?


  • Gergory

    ★★★ ☭ 𝐏𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐡𝐨 ☭ ★★★



  • Peter Pwn

    disabling the "overlay notifications" did the trick for me.
    go into your settings -> overlay -> overlay notifications and klick on 🚫

    but this will also disable popups about text chat notifications.

  • Gergory

    @peter pwn I did that too, but I like the overlay. I just hate the spam. I like being able to see who's talking when 40 people are in a room for raid.

  • Peter Pwn

    @Gergory this won't disable the overlay, just the notifications like the streaming popup.

  • Mafu Pichu

    This is really annoying, if I wanted to stream on discord I would've just gone into the app directly anyway. Plus every time the go live pop-up occurs it covers 3/4 of my screen and it really messes me up.

  • johndotpizza

    Why isn't there an option to remove this yet? Pathetic. 

  • Paper

    johndotpizza There is. Literally look up 4 comments.

  • johndotpizza

    Paper My friend, that disables all notifications in the overlay, not just the go live notification. You may want to read over the issue before commenting. 


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