Nitro features: Universal Name Color, Universal Personal Role


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  • Kyria

    Personally I vote for Nitro 9³ if we're renaming Nitro+

  • Rippy™ (Stressed)
    sounds like it's a big task for the servers to handle it? Plus, it just feels a little extra
  • Nitro

    I cannot imagine it being a bigger task than custom emojis inherently are. These are incredibly lightweight cosmetic perks that build on existing Discord features to give paying users a little more customization and benefits for supporting Discord financially. And...I mean, Discord Nitro already allows people to change their ID#, which is also pretty extra. There's nothing wrong with that.

  • XDeadzX

    Isn't the entire point of nitro to be extra?  We're given a super minor # change at the end of our names, the ability to use animated emoji, and an animated avatar.  What isn't extra about that?

    I'd love a name color because it matters more than an animated avatar...  Plus no more basic white names everywhere.

  • AUSBird

    I would agree mostly with this idea... Here are my thoughts and ideas


    I dont think it should affect servers because role colors could mean things (Admin's and Mods have a color e.c.t) but if there was a setting that allows this or disallows it then i see no issue should this feature be added


    I do think this being something that affects DMs could be awesome since white names in DM's gets boring

  • Silverdk

    Just make it only apply if a user has no other role.

  • Chel

    I don't think that's necessary, and besides, it might take a lot of servers to handle such feature like this one, probably.


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