Server boosting should go away


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  • Kilvoctu

    Application development and maintenance costs money. Discord, I presume, has grown to a point where the costs to keep it all running and improve upon it has largely increased. As the developers stated that they won't throw ads at the end user, money has to come from somewhere: us. And there has to be some incentive for us to spend money.

    As for server boosting mostly benefitting large servers, I agree. Simply removing it altogether is not a solution, though, unless you want Discord to eventually lose developer support. I've seen many services enter "maintenance support" and eventually shut down because money stopped coming in. Anyway, the concept of allowing everyone to use server boosting is one of the basis for why I proposed the idea of flexible boosting.

  • Zajaka

    Two people on my server boosted and we have the GIF Icon, it's not that hard.

  • Haile

    None of the servers I run have any boosts on them except my one boost because no one cares about those gimmicks. :/


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