Nitro/Nitro boost suggestions


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  • Likon

    File size should be at least 200mb, 100mb is nothing, on slack you have 1gb

  • Dim Uimchester

    500mb for anime sharing :3

  • Since you made level 3
    From 50 boosts to 20

    I think level 2 should be 5 boosts instead of 10 .. I know many servers with 5 people ready to boost but not boosting just because they dont have 10 people to boost

  • Sir Vyvre the Lone

    How about…

    Just like anybody can have custom usernames on different servers, what if Nitro could allow one to set a custom status in each server (not just a custom emote across all), and a custom profile picture in each server? This would be like 'server-specific status' or 'server-specific profile image.'

    The point of this would be to better express yourself to a fandom. Like, if you don't want your TF2 server friends to see your Fortnite profile image that you want to set just for your Fortnite server friends to see.

    There may need to be a limit to how many servers you can have a different pfp in, so extra levels of Nitro would get you more, and so forth.


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