Nitro Boost Expires? I want a end to that.


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  • Hope

    In what world would you think that Boosts should be permanent? Boosts are there to give servers special perks such as Better video quality or a vanity url. Making such thing "permanent" would be devastating. If you cannot afford boosts for these perks, then get your server partnered or verified.

  • Jakey

    Dude, what is this kid talking about. You legit didn’t say anything except getting your server partnered or verified. Smh. I don’t need you to tell me what the perks to boosting are, I know it already. I agree with the JayCord guy. If our damn money is permanent then the boost that spend on is should be as well. Cmon now, use your damn sense. Stop going on all of these comments disagreeing. You’re wrong.

  • yEEEee

    And what about small servers made for friends? It is quite obvious that not everyone can keep the server boosted. I suggest to at least make the level 1 boost permanent. The other levels can be attributed by the community. Making the level 1 boost permanent doesnt seem that much of a bad idea and big servers wont be able to take advange of the permanent payment, as it is only for level 1. Servers with a small community can make use of the level 1 perks for gamings or otherwise. 


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