The new reply layout is very difficult to read with dyslexia


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  • ComradeRat

    This definitely seems like a really important issue. I've seen a few other people in the reddit thread say that they also have issues with the new format, or know people who do. I really think a toggleable mode or something would be great here.

  • Xumasso Horton

    In my opinion, I think that you need "threads" instead of "replies"...
    With threads, all "quotes/replies" are bundled together. This way no extra information is displayed unless you click it to "open" it on a new panel on the right:

    This is a Slack feature that many are asking to be implemented in Discord, but has not happened so far.
    If you agree, help by upvoting this feature request:

  • space

    I don't have dyslexia, but I'm visually sensitive and it's hard for me to read as well. I'm not liking this update unfortunately and I hope they'll make it so that I can opt out.

  • BlackBearFTW
    Man I hear you, that must suck. Even I myself have a hard time reading because chat becomes so cluttered.
    As setting you should just be able to hide the grey line and everything on that line (avatar + original message). You can already click 'replied to' in 'x replied to y'. that will send you up to the original message. So honestly that reply line can just be disabled and this feature would just work fine.
    I hope discord will fix this issue soon and I fully support your idea.
  • zesty

    It's not just dyslexia, the replies don't scale up with the other text, so as someone that needs bigger fonts they're unreadable. I hope they fix this very soon.

  • Unknow0059

    I don't have dyslexia and I am having difficulty comprehending the new reply system.

    Something as simple as indenting the replier's message under the repliee's message, like so, would make this much easier for me.

  • dzlandis

    I noticed that for outdated versions of the app that do not have this reply feature installed yet, it makes a simple text that says "(Person name) responds to (person name) with (message)". I do not have dyslexia but to the people who do, would a format like this be more helpful? This would probably be very easy for the developers to implement as a toggle feature in the settings considering it already exists.

  • Brumbpo

    I'm not dyslexic but the replies are an illegible, jumbled mess to me regardless.

  • whisp

    Not dyslexic.Just generally autistic with no language/text issues.

    But huge issues with the new reply-function. It looks confusing as hell. Colours all over. The line to the left above your own icon should not even be there as it confuses reading direction.

    Please redesign and get a proper communication designer, or at least give the option to switch back to old mode personally.


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